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The Ultimate Guide to Non-Condensing Boiler Replacement in UK

Apply for a Non-condensing Boiler Grant for free in the UK. The Government scheme is committed to reducing carbon footprint to increase efficiency and lower energy bills. If you have a broken, NON-CONDENSING mains gas boiler placed on your property. You may qualify for a free and fully-funded new boiler under a replacement grant scheme in Scotland, Wales, and England.

Anybody in the UK who is disabled, on government benefits, or a pensioner. Can apply for a free boiler grant scheme in Dorset, South West England at free boiler scheme.

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How do you qualify for a boiler replacement grant in Swansea and Newport?

Enter your postcode. Once it’s approved, don’t worry about the rest. We at Free Boiler Scheme will handle everything from checking your home to installing a new boiler under the eco scheme, which won’t cost you anything. In England and Wales, all the boilers installed now are condensing boilers because they are highly efficient.

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But, How do I know if I have a Condensing Boiler?

Look at the bottom of your boiler. If there’s a white plastic pipe, then it’s a condensing one. Another way to check is to look at the pipe outside where the smoke comes out. If it’s made of plastic, it’s a high-efficiency condensing boiler. If it’s made of all metal, then it’s a non-condensing boiler replacement.

What are The Free Boiler Grant Scheme’s Eligibility Criteria?

The UK government launched the ECO4 Scheme to lessen fuel poverty and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. To qualify for a boiler grant and get a brand new gas central heating boiler installed, you must satisfy all of the following criteria:

Boiler replacement grants are available to homeowners with non-condensing boilers replacement. ECO4 boiler grants are now unavailable for replacing damaged boilers in shared ownership or council housing and for renters living in housing associations.

You are eligible for certain tax credits, state benefits, or other allowances such as:

  1. Pension Credit – Guarantee Credit
  2. Pension Credit – Savings Credit

The recommendation is that a householder qualifies for a boiler grant without needing to receive one of the qualifying benefits mentioned on our website.

  • Your existing central heating boiler must be noncondensing and is broken or would cost more to repair than to replace.
  • EPC-rated households with a grade below D are eligible for the boiler replacement funding scheme.
  • Pensioners, disabled people, and low-income households receiving government assistance can apply for the ECO4 Scheme without worrying about paying for the heating system upfront.

Types of Boilers Grants Available at Free Boiler Scheme

New Boiler UK Grant

The Grant for New Boiler UK is a step towards helping low-income households replace outdated, inefficient boilers with new ones. These boilers help homes save money on energy costs, use less energy, and leave a smaller carbon imprint. Verify your eligibility for the Boiler Grant UK to start saving money on energy costs in the future.

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Back Boiler Replacement Grants UK

Back boilers are the classic boilers from the past that people used to heat their houses. It’s time to finally remove the rear boiler and install modern, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient models.

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Government Grants for New Boilers, Scotland

Govt subsidies for new boilers, known as the ECO4 Scheme, are designed to provide new boilers to UK homes that cannot afford to replace their old ones at no cost. Government assistance recipients in the UK can verify their eligibility by entering their postcode. Once approved, the Free Boiler Scheme will handle the remaining work.

Free Back Boiler Replacement Grants for Pensioners 2024

Pension recipients over 60 may also be eligible to apply for special incentives for new boilers in Dumfries and Ayr, Scotland. Everyone dreams of retiring to a warm, inviting, and comfortable home. The award may pay up to £10,000 of the new boiler’s total cost. If your boiler is eight or older, apply for the scheme before it expires in March 2026. It’s either now or never.

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Applying for a Boiler Grant in Wales: Check your Eligibility

Check your eligibility and apply on our short application form. Proof of your income, EPC, and the boiler’s age must be provided. After reviewing your application, our Free Boiler Scheme staff will notify you. If you are qualified for boiler replacement grants in Cardiff, Wrexham, and Aberystwyth, Wales.

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