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Non-Condensing Boiler Replacement Grants in UK

Are you a UK resident and have a non-condensing boiler installed before 2005? Then, it means you are qualified for a free non-condensing boiler replacement grant. We replace your old non-condensing boiler with a new free gas boiler since we specialize in the ECO4 government Boiler Scheme.

The UK Government wants to eliminate non-condensing boilers with an a-rated combi boiler. With TrustMark insurance-backed guarantee, you can feel completely secure about your new heating system and efficient boiler.

At Free Boiler Scheme, we are professionals who provide the best ECO energy grants, including free boiler grants for UK homeowners and private tenants. Plus, you’ll receive a free, full-house assessment included in the package. We have a network of certified ECO boiler installers in your local area, and we give boiler service throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.

Click here and check your eligibility for FREE boiler replacement grants in Devon, Cornwall, and Dorset.

What is a Non-Condensing Boiler Replacement Grant?

Homeowners with non-condensing boilers may be eligible for boiler replacement grants. Only homeowners are suitable for them; housing associations, councils, private renters, and landlords are not.

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The UK government will fully fund your boiler replacement if you receive a boiler grant in Cardiff. The inefficiency of a non-condensing boiler prevents it from using all the heat it produces. A large portion of the heat absorbed by the gases is expelled directly out of the flue pipe due to the solitary heat exchanger it contains. Because of this, non-condensing boilers are no longer considered modern and are inefficient. Therefore, now is the perfect time to switch to a current condensing boiler that will meet your demands.

Because of its cutting-edge design and technology, a condensing boiler may operate at an efficiency of over 90%. You may swap out your non-condensing boiler using government eco grants for a free new condensing boiler. Apply Now to see if you qualify for the ECO grant scheme.

Is My Boiler Non-Condensing? How Can I Know?

Here are a few basic ways to help you check if your boiler is condensing.

1. Regulations require energy-efficient gas boilers: installed after 2005, so if your boiler was installed after this date, it will be a condensing boiler.

2. Immersion tank or Hot Water Cylinder: The existence of an immersion tank often denotes an older non-condensing boiler.

3. Metal Flue: If your boiler has an external wall, a metal flue indicates that it is not condensing.

4. Condensate Pipe: Your boiler is condensing if it has a condensate pipe that directs the wastewater it produces into a drain.

How Can I Apply for a Non-Condensing Boiler Grant?

We make the procedure easy and hassle-free at Free Boiler Scheme.

Use our free grant checker to determine your eligibility if you are receiving government benefits. You will be contacted by a registered installer in your region with UK Government funds available. After the registered installer has evaluated your property and determined that it qualifies. The qualified installer will schedule a free in-home appointment for the best time for you. The visiting surveyor will provide recommendations for energy-saving solutions in Newport. They assess your eligibility for Boiler replacement funding made possible by the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme.

What Are The Benefits Of A-Rated Boiler Replacements?

There are several advantages of upgrading from an old, inefficient, non-condensing boiler to a new A-rated condensing boiler:

Better Energy Performance: A-rated boilers may considerably raise the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating and value of your house.
 Decreased failures: Compared to older, inefficient versions, new A-rated boilers are less likely to experience expensive losses.
 More brilliant Energy Use: Modern heating controls compatible with A-rated boilers allow more intelligent energy use.
Decreased Carbon Footprint: Compared to earlier central heating systems, A-rated boilers emit much less carbon, making homes greener.
Simple Operation: Contemporary A-rated boilers are incredibly user-friendly, making handling them from a distance or at home simple. The offered funds pay for the installation costs.

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What differentiates a condensing boiler from a non-condensing one?
Since they are considered far less efficient, non-condensing boilers can no longer be installed in UK homes. Condensing boilers occasionally have an efficiency increase of about 30%.

When will I receive my boiler?

Four to six weeks, usually. The installer will first conduct an energy efficiency study to determine how to raise the EPC energy rating for the funds. After that, the installer provides the financing documentation and completes a technical survey. The earliest date for installation is decided upon with you after approval.

What kind of boiler will I receive?

Free A-rated condensing gas combi boilers are typically available. However, this varies.

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