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First-Time Central Heating Grants UK 2024

Government-funded Scheme by the UK Energy Grants in Scotland and England. Use our free grant checker to find out whether you qualify.

Free Central Heating Grant in UK 2024

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Government ECO4 Grant UK for Free Central Heating System UK


The UK Government’s ECO4 Scheme offers funding for a new central heating system in the UK to eligible households. Whether you are a pensioner or landlord looking to upgrade your heating system in Dorset, Hampshire, and Cardiff. You could be eligible for a heating grant under Free Energy Grants UK. If your property does NOT have and has NEVER previously had a central heating system these grants can be used to pay for both new installations as well as repairs and improvements to existing systems. At Free Boiler Scheme we have different types of First-Time Central Heating Grants in UK:


  • Full Central Heating System Grants:

These grants cover the cost of installing a complete central heating system, which includes the boiler, radiators, and controls.


  • Free Central Heating Schemes:

Eligible individuals can benefit from schemes that offer free installation of central heating systems based on specific criteria.


Even if you are not eligible for a first-time central heating grant, you may still benefit from the new boiler and heating system. Check your eligibility and apply for Free Central Heating System UK in Glasgow and Stirling, Scotland

Install New Central Heating Systems under UK Energy Grants 


At Free Boiler Scheme, we can help homeowners not only check their ECO4 Grants UK Scheme eligibility for a first-time central heating grant but also install their new central heating system to the highest possible standards of craftsmanship. After completing our application form, most applications have new central heating systems installed within two weeks! So, apply now!


We have opened up exciting opportunities in England, Scotland, and Wales to help with central heating for pensioners and free boiler replacements. By taking advantage of these energy grants in UK, eligible individuals can enjoy the benefits of modern heating systems

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boiler replacement grant in swansea and newport

Claim your Free Central Heating Grant in UK Today!

You are eligible for government energy grants UK if you don’t have a heating system or if your system doesn’t use radiators and a boiler. If someone living at the property receives one or more qualified state benefits, such as universal credit or child benefits, your application will be successful for free central heating system UK

For the Central Heating Grant Scheme in Scotland and Wales, applicants must meet the requirements listed below to be eligible for a grant under the ECO4 Grants UK:


  1. Be the owner of your house.
  2. The landlord’s approval is required for private tenants.
  3. The current boiler needs to be older than fifteen years.
  4. There must be a gas supply on your property.

Take advantage of getting a free central heating system UK. Contact us to learn more about first-time central heating grants or to apply for Eco4 Grants UK, please contact us or fill out our form to check your eligibility for free. Every homeowner in the North Mersey side, Devon, Cornwall, and Hampshire, UK, is eligible for a complete central heating grant from the government ECO4 Grant UK

Interested? Check Your Eligibility To Avail These Grants

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