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Free Back Boiler Replacement Grants in UK

Get FREE Boiler grants from the Free Boiler Scheme 2023 or funding from local authorities Flex programs for replacing your boiler.

100% Free Back Boiler Replacement Funding

Central Heating Grants in UK

100 % Free Back Boiler Replacement Funding

Back boiler homeowners are eligible to apply for a boiler replacement grant. Your old back boiler will be replaced with an A-rated combi boiler at no additional cost if you get one of the government-funded boiler grants.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme  Grant for Free

With a boiler grant for Pensioners and a boiler grant for the disabled, you can say goodbye to your old, inefficient back boiler and welcome a brand-new, A-rated combination boiler with new radiators at Free Boiler Scheme. After your grant application is accepted, our fully licensed and insured Gas Safe registered engineers can increase the energy efficiency of your house.
Central Heating Grants UK
Boiler Grants UK

Heating Improvements Offered Under the Boiler Scheme

  • Heat Pumps with Air Sources
  • System for Biomass Boilers
  • Heat Pump with Ground Source

Interested? Check Your Eligibility To Avail This scheme

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