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Apply for a New Boiler Grant in Dundee, Scotland

If you live in Dundee, Scotland, you know just how cold the Scottish winters can be. But did you know that you may be eligible for a free boiler grant to replace your inefficient or broken boiler through the ECO 4 scheme?
This initiative by the Scottish Government boiler scheme has been designed to help Scottish homeowners who need to improve their homes’ energy efficiency by installing modern, efficient boilers and making necessary insulation upgrades. Free Boiler Scheme has an office in Oldham with free boiler service available throughout Scotland, Wales, and England to install new boiler grant.
Our simple online application process can help you find out if you’re eligible for a grant if you are a homeowner on certain benefits living in Dundee, Scotland. You can receive an ECO grant for a brand new boiler, completely free of charge!

Scotland’s Free Boiler Scheme 2024

For more than ten years, the UK and Scottish governments have funded UK households through various programs, including free boiler schemes. The ECO 4 scheme, which was introduced in April 2022, formally rolled out in 2023, and is scheduled to operate until March 31, 2026, is the most recent government eco grant that is available.
Although the LEAP boiler scheme is far more likely to be approved, its financing will expire in June 2023. The ECO 4 grant offers funding for various products, such as Dundee free boilers, free central heating systems, free loft insulation, and Dundee free cavity wall insulation.
As the name suggests, the LEAP boiler grant is specifically for free boilers and central heating. Both of these grants will be available in 2024 to provide people with free boilers in the UK.
ECO Flex provides funding for this scheme. It is explained further in this blog: Get a Free Boiler in 2024 – Here’s What You Need to Know

How do I qualify for a boiler grant in Dundee, Scotland?

To be eligible for this scheme, you must fulfill specific requirements. To begin with, you have to be a homeowner and have a non-condensing boiler at the moment.
ECO4 Government Funding Grant Scheme Requirements:
1. Homeowners or private tenants
2. People Getting Benefits Associated with Income
3. Properties with a Low EPC Score (E, F, or G band)
4. Properties with inefficient heating systems
To be eligible for LA Flex (for residences without benefits), you must either get at least one of the following benefits:
1. Employment and Support Allowance
2. Jobseekers Allowance
3. Universal Credit
4. Income Support
5. Child Benefits
6. Housing Benefit
7. Child tax credits
8. Working tax credits
9. Pension Credits
With the help of an ECO boiler replacement scheme, loft insulation grant, or cavity wall insulation, you may improve the energy efficiency of your house by meeting these requirements.
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Check your eligibility online for a government-funded free boiler to lower heating bills and start saving energy and money.

FAQ’s for New Boiler Grant in the UK

Is there a new boiler grant for pensioners in Dundee?

Scotland pensioners can get free boilers. To check if you or a loved one qualify for a new boiler grant for free in Scotland, it’s straightforward: You need to receive pension guarantee credit and be over 60 years old. If you’re a pensioner (above 60) in Dundee and don’t receive Pension Guarantee Credit, you might still qualify if you receive Employment Support Allowance (ESA).
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The LEAP boiler scheme accepts all forms of pension credit for funding. It is quite likely that you will be eligible for a free boiler replacement grant if you are 65 years of age or older, regardless of the kind of pension you get.

Are Dundee landlords eligible for the ECO4 Free Boiler Grant 2024?

Regretfully, Dundee homeowners only qualify if they get one of the qualifying advantages; private tenants are not eligible.

How can I submit an ECO boiler grant application?

It’s easy to apply for the ECO grant in the UK. Simply fill out our short and simple eligibility form with your postcode, and we’ll walk you through the remaining steps. To access the form right now, click here.

What Happens If I’m Not Eligible for the ECO4 Grant in Scotland?

There are other government programs available in Scotland for funding for the LEAP Boiler Scheme 2024. You can still receive a decrease in your expenses or a grant towards the purchase of energy-efficient equipment like new boiler grants.


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