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Free Old Boiler Replacement Grants- Apply Now!

Thanks to an Old Boiler Replacement Grant Scheme, you can reduce the stress of heating your home by replacing your old inefficient heating system. It’s like giving your home a warm hug, making it cozier and more efficient. Under the government eco scheme, these boiler grants are like little helpers that ensure your home stays comfortable without breaking the bank.

In the UK, it is also a reality that energy prices have increased. Furthermore, the energy costs associated with using an outdated boiler for heating can be expensive, making it unaffordable for low-income homes.

You may take advantage of the boiler replacement grant scheme if you’re a UK homeowner and receive at least one type of benefit from the Government grants. But do you know the ECO4 free Boiler Grant Scheme? Are you still unsure who is eligible for the eco funding for old boiler replacement grants?

Let’s dive into the world of the Free Boiler Replacement Grant Scheme– an easy way to save money on your energy bills and improve the efficiency of your home.

What is an ECO4 Free Boiler Grant Scheme?

The UK government provides free Boiler replacement to residents under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme. If your boiler is older than 2005 and it’s non-condensing, you are eligible for a free boiler scheme and replacement grant in the UK

At Free Boiler Scheme, encourages homeowners to upgrade their non-condensing, fossil fuel-fueled heating boilers to condensing models. With reduced energy costs, the new condensing boilers guarantee reduced carbon emissions, increased efficiency, and maximum cost savings.

Who Is Eligible for Free Boiler Replacement Grants, UK?

The free government boiler replacement grant applies to England, Scotland, and Wales residents. To be eligible for a boiler replacement grant, here are some requirements.

Ownership of Property

Whether the property is residential, commercial, or rented out to a tenant, the applicant for the boiler replacement scheme must be the property’s owner.

Tenant Approval

Private Tenants with the approval of the landlord

Government Assistance Eligibility

Individuals receiving income-related benefits from the government

Energy Efficiency Requirement

Houses with EPC rating below D

A new boiler installation may increase a home’s energy efficiency and lower energy costs. And this plan offers a subsidy to help with that expense. When taken as a whole, these government eco grants provide renters and homeowners significant support when they update their boilers for economical and energy-efficient reasons.

If an ECO grant isn’t for you or you want to select the best option, here are your next best possibilities. By utilizing these funds, people may get the advantages of a new, more energy-efficient boiler without going over budget.

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Are Income-based Employment Support Allowance (ESA) Recipients Qualified for the ECO4 Boiler Grant?

Yes, the ECO4 boiler grant is available to those who receive an income-based employment support allowance (ESA). What is the Employment Support Allowance (ESA)? Here’s a summary for you.

Individuals with disabilities or health issues who have reduced job capacity are eligible for income-based Employment Support Allowance. Moreover, they are eligible for Employment Support Allowance since they haven’t made enough National Insurance contributions.

How Can I Apply for Boiler Grants and Installation?

When you work with us directly, as opposed to via third parties. You can be confident that you will always be interacting with highly qualified boiler installers. We supervise all boiler replacements to the highest standards and help a wide range of people and families in the UK who may be eligible for funding.

ECO4 scheme eligibility check – It only takes 60 secs

As we offer comprehensive support throughout your work. You will benefit from a workforce that is completely qualified, certified, and accredited to guarantee that every task we complete is of the greatest. We have grown to be a top provider our customers know they can rely on us to give them the greatest guidance and an excellent installation.

FAQ of Free Boiler Grant UK

How to Free Boilers work?

Meet certain requirements to be eligible for a free boiler. After completing an eligibility form, speak with our consultant who will ask questions and need a picture of your previous boiler. A qualified house visit will verify your eligibility, and if accepted. You’ll have a free boiler installation within the following week.

What about the Over 60s Free Boiler Replacement Scheme?

Senior citizens over 60 can receive free old boiler replacement grants, even if they don’t have one. They are qualified for FTCH awards even in the absence of radiators. Those who get Pension Credit and are homeowners or private tenants may apply. Those on Working Tax Credits may still be eligible for a boiler grant even if they are not on Pension Credit.

The Eco Scheme-What Is It?

The goal of the four-year ECO4 scheme, which runs from April 1st, 2022, to March 31st, 2026, is to increase the energy efficiency of homes inhabited by vulnerable and low-income households in the UK. Improving the properties with the lowest energy efficiency ratings is its main objective.

Why Is A Boiler Upgrade Important?

Nearly half of most household costs are usually made up of heating and hot water expenses. If your old, inefficient boiler is non-condensing. You may get it changed FREE OF CHARGE by converting it to a condensing boiler with the ECO4 scheme.

Now is the time to start saving!

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