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AnEasy Guide to Non-Condensing Boiler Replacement Grant

If you have an old non-condensing boiler in your home, it is time to apply for the Non-Condensing Boiler Replacement Grant now. Under the ECO4 Grant, we at Free Boiler Scheme offer this grant, which means that the government will cover all the costs of replacing your boiler. Our qualified and approved installers complete all work.

For eco-energy solutions, the Free Boiler Scheme is your place to go. You may be qualified for a home energy grant if your gas heating system is non-condensing. We can assist you in replacing your outdated, non-condensing gas boiler with an A-rated boiler at no cost—all thanks to the government’s ECO4 grant scheme UK.

Our years of experience lowering energy expenses for homes and our dedication to sustainability make us the ideal partner. Let’s see if you’re eligible for the non-condensing boiler replacement scheme and start saving on your energy expenses.

Comparison Between Non-Condensing And Condensing Boilers

While non-condensing boilers have advantages, they must be compared against condensing boilers before making an informed decision. Condensing boilers include a secondary heat exchanger that recovers additional heat from flue gases, resulting in increased energy efficiency and a lower environmental effect. However, they are generally more expensive to buy and install.

Get Free Boiler Replacement Grant Under ECO4

The government program called Eco4 Scheme wants to eliminate non-condensing boilers and other inefficient heating. So they’re encouraging people to upgrade from old, inefficient heating systems to newer, more efficient ones.

The current government Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme allows you to replace your old non-condensing gas boiler with an A-rated combi boiler for free, and you’ll also receive a free, full-house evaluation as part of the package. You’ll have complete peace of mind with your new, efficient boiler, which includes boiler guarantees and an additional Trustmark insurance-backed warranty.

Free Boiler Scheme offers 100% Free Boiler & Heating grants to homeowners and tenants renting from private landlords. We are experts in providing the ECO energy grants in Dundee. We also offer boiler service throughout the UK, and we have a network of accredited free boiler installers near me.  Click here to check your eligibility for FREE boiler replacement grants in Devon, Cornwall, and Dorset.

How Can I Reduce My Energy Bills Even Further?

It may surprise you that a G-rated boiler can cost up to three times as much gas and electricity as an A-rated boiler. With the recent surge in energy rates, you might save up to 25% annually by upgrading to an A-rated boiler. If you’re interested in switching, you might qualify for a non-condensing boiler replacement grant, which could offset some expenses.

1 Enhanced Energy Efficiency: A-rated boilers can raise your house’s value by significantly increasing its Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating.

2 Enhanced Reliability: Compared to previous, inefficient units, new A-rated boilers are far less prone to expensive malfunctions. You can apply for a New Boiler Grant in Dundee, Scotland.

3 Smart Energy Usage: Modern heating controls and A-rated boilers allow for more convenient and intelligent energy use. That’s Why Non-Condensing Boiler Replacement is a Smart Choice.

4 Decreased Carbon Emissions: Compared to earlier central heating systems, A-rated boilers emit much less carbon. This helps lessen the environmental effect of your house by applying For Free Central Heating Under the UK Gov. Eco Energy Scheme

5 Cost Coverage: Installing an A-rated boiler becomes more accessible and inexpensive. As the heating upgrade grants cover the free boiler installation grant cost

Am I eligible for a new boiler grant in the UK?

If you own a property and your boiler is not condensing. You can get a new boiler grant from Scotland. Certified and approved installers complete the work, covering the cost of replacing a non-condensing boiler under the eco4 grant UK scheme. Please complete our short boiler application form to determine your eligibility for a boiler grant in 60 seconds. 

To qualify for the Non-Condensing Boiler Upgrade, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. The current boiler must be gas non-condensing, installed before 2005.
  2. The property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) must be rated D, E, F, or G.
  3. The property must be occupied by its owner.
  4. At least one member of the household must receive low-income-related assistance. 

How Can I Know If My Property Has A Non-Condensing Boiler?

If your boiler is installed before 2005, it may be non-condensing. A non-condensing boiler has an immersion tank, metal flues, and condensate pipes. By looking at these components, you may quickly tell if your boiler is condensing.

Apply Here For a Non-Condensing Boiler Replacement Grant 2024

Check to see if you are eligible for the free boiler replacement grant, then replace your boiler. The Free Boiler Scheme allows you to replace your old, inefficient boiler with an A-rated Government Boiler Grants are accessible in England, Wales, and Scotland. Apply here, and we will connect an approved installer in your area. Despite the high demand, we can typically refer your application to an installer within 24 hours.

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