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Maximize Your Chance for a Free Scottish Gas Heating Grant

The government has launched a free Scottish Gas Heating Grant scheme. Central Heating Grants in Scotland are available to assist with the installation of a central heating system in homes that have never had one before. These Grants are provided for homeowners and private tenants. You may enjoy top-notch central heating throughout by taking advantage of the Free Boiler Scheme offer.

We are proud to be a part of Government Eco4 Scheme UK. The purpose of this scheme is to address fuel poverty and lower carbon emissions. For the benefit of many of our clients, we offer incentives for the installation of gas central heating in Dundee.

What is an ECO4 Grant Scheme Scotland 2024?

ECO4, the fourth and most recent version of The Energy Company Obligation (ECO), is an official UK government-backed scheme. That offers qualifying homeowners and private tenants receiving certain means-tested benefits the opportunity to have their inefficient heating systems replaced completely free of charge. ECO4 has been in operation since 2013.

The purpose of the ECO 4 grant UK, in contrast to other versions of the program, is to guarantee that the least energy-efficient dwellings are upgraded to a minimum efficiency standard. The government’s goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions in the UK by 2050. This may be achieved by transitioning homes away from electric or other off-gas heating sources, which will lower carbon emissions. 

But who is eligible for Free Central Heating Under the Gov. UK Eco Energy Scheme? The program’s primary goal, is to upgrade properties with EPC ratings of E-G to a minimum rating of D starting in January 2023.

The good news is that boiler grant scheme are now considerably better accessible for houses that fit specific requirements! We have managed projects where individual homes have qualified for modifications totaling more than £30,000. Which  have saved up to 70% annually on energy expenses! 

How Can I Be Eligible For Central Heating System in Scotland?

You are eligible for the heating grant if it doesn’t use radiators and a boiler. Someone residing at the property must be receiving one or more of the qualifying state benefits, such as universal credit or child benefits, in order for your application to be successful approved.

Our application form often contains a complete list of these qualified state benefits. In some cases there may be exceptions to this rule if the household qualifies under the ECO flex rules. 

For the Central Heating Grant Scheme in Glasgow, and Dundee, Scotland, applicants must meet the requirements listed below:

  1. 1. Be the owner of your house.
  2. 2. The landlord’s approval is required for private tenants.
  3. 3. The current boiler needs to be older than fifteen years.
  4. 4. There must be a gas supply on your property.

Do I Qualify for Gas Central Heating Installation Grants Dundee?

For those seeking to improve their homes with subsidies for gas central heating installation in Dundee, there is wonderful news. You are eligible for this program if your home has never had a central heating system or a district heating system.

Your property in Dundee can benefit from gas central heating installation grants under the following criteria:

1 Electric room heaters, including fixed mains gas room heaters, fan heaters and in-efficient electric storage heaters (SAP rating of 0.2 or less)

2 Gas room heaters; including fixed mains gas room heaters

3 Gas fire with back boiler

4 Solid fossil fuel fire with back boiler

5 Electric underfloor or ceiling heating (not part of electric boiler)

6 Bottled LPG room heater

7 Solid fossil fuel room heater

8 Wood/biomass room heating

9 Oil room heater

10 No heating at all

Are There Grant for Central Heating Over 60’s

 As long as you, as a homeowner, renter, or landlord, meet the requirements of the ECO program, Free Boiler Scheme can help you with a free Boiler. No-obligation survey from a certified ECO installer. We can assist you even if you are not eligible for a heating upgrade grant. The eco energy grants are available for people experiencing central heating problems, such as boiler pressure dropping or rising, boiler kittling or leaking, and other safety-related risks. You can apply for the Free Gas Central Heating for Pensioners in the UK with Eco 4 Grants.

The Benefits Of Gas Central Heating Installation Grants

There are lots of good things about the first-time central heating grant. If you don’t have central heating right now and you’re thinking about whether to get the government’s first-time central heating grant, the answer is pretty straightforward. This grant money could help you pay less for heating each month and make your home warmer and cozier, which would make life better for you and your family. Additionally, central heating systems are recognized as being far more dependable and effective ways to heat your house while also cutting carbon emissions. 

Apply Now

To begin the journey towards a more energy-efficient and cost-effective heating system. You can easily apply for the ECO4 ‘First Time Central Heating‘ Scheme on our website or by clicking the Apply Now button.

Let us take care of the details while you enjoy the benefits of a new heating system and potential insulation improvements for your home.

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