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What ECO Grants Are Available to Private Renters and Landlords in UK?

The ECO4 Scheme is available to landlords and their tenants to help bring your property up to energy-efficient standards. Now is the time for tenants to benefit from ECO grants. Living in the UK as a tenant comes with its own set of challenges. Private renters, in particular, know the drilling rent and bills and are trying to keep the financial setup.

The good news is that at the Free Boiler Scheme, we can provide government eco grants that are ready to lend a hand when times get tough. Tenants who match the household qualifying requirements can apply for the eco grant scheme offered to rental houses. Landlords are often pleased if their rental properties qualify! So, let’s dive in and see what energy-efficient grants are and how they help private tenants throughout the UK. Use our free grant checker to see if you’re eligible.

ECO Grants: What Are They?

Energy Company Obligation, or ECO for short, is a government eco + scheme that requires energy firms to address fuel poverty and cut carbon emissions. ECO was established in 2013 and will continue until 2026. ECO3 is the current phase, which will end in March 2022 and be replaced by ECO4.

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How Can Private Tenants Access Eco Funding in The UK?

There are few ways for a renter residing in a privately rented house to become eligible for ECO funding in Cardiff.

Eligibility Criteria 1:

Firstly. tenants who have claimed benefits during the previous 18 months are renting the home. If the renter has received any of the following benefits, there are no income restrictions, and they do not need to be accepted now.

Eligibility criteria 2: Tenant is claiming Child Benefit

If your house is rented to people who get Child Benefit, they might qualify. But, if the tenant only gets Child Benefit and nothing else, they must also follow certain income rules.

Eligibility criteria 3: Local Authority Flexible Energy

Lastly, you might be eligible for ECO funding if your local government determines that you are low-income, susceptible to cold weather, or in fuel poverty. To find out if you qualify for Local Authorities Flex (LA Flex), visit your local authority’s website.

The rental property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating will determine whether energy-saving improvements are eligible for funding under the ECO program. An approved ECO4 installer will be qualified to evaluate your house.

Funding for various measurement kinds may be available for properties with an EPC grade of E, F, or G. Being a homeowner is not a requirement for ECO4 benefits. Before moving forward with finance and doing any repairs, you must obtain your landlord’s approval

What measures are available under the ECO4 scheme for Private renters and Landlords?

Landlords in the UK may be eligible for the following government grants:

  • First-time Central heating Grant: There are incentives available for rental homes that want to install central heating for the first time. The house cannot have had radiators or central heating in the past. To comply with financing regulations, you must install insulation concurrently with any major heating grant that applies to your rental property. Sometimes, the grant package also includes a smart thermostat.
  • Free Loft insulation grants are available in rental properties where the existing primary heating source is electric and where there is 100mm or less of existing loft insulation.
  • Heating grants: Sadly, neither landlords nor tenants are eligible for boiler grants.

How Can I Apply for An ECO Grant? 

Use our easy eligibility checker to find out what UK boiler grants are available for your rental property. You will receive an instant eligibility evaluation after providing some information about the home and its residents. We’ll communicate with the tenants and property arrangements as soon as your application has been filed.

Landlords who own private rental properties, local government properties, and housing association properties are all eligible for scheme in Scotland, Wales, and England.

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