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Free Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation- Government ECO Scheme

Is it getting more challenging for you to keep your home warm? You could be eligible for free installation of energy-efficient improvements at the Free Boiler Scheme, such as free insulation grants. However, installing insulation is expensive, so it’s worth finding out whether you qualify for a government eco grant to help with the insulation cost in your home.

Therefore, if you live in a home with a low energy performance rating in England or Wales and are on benefits. You may be eligible for free loft and cavity wall Insulation through the government’s ECO scheme. Let’s find out more about this in detail.

Are you eligible for Free insulation?

The government has been providing funds for home renovation projects like boiler improvements and insulation to help the least energy-efficient families become more energy-efficient. For further information, see the complete instructions below.

There are two schemes: the new Great British Insulation Scheme, which is available to an additional 400,000 families, and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, which is intended for low-income individuals.

You are likely eligible for 100% funding for insulation grants. If you or anybody in your home receives one or more qualifying benefits. You must also be your property owner or, if you are a renter in private or public housing, get permission from your landlord to be eligible.

The following factors increase your possibility of qualifying

• Homeowners having an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of D, E, F, or G (A being the most energy efficient, and G being the least)
• Renters in private homes or social housing with an EPC of F, G, or above. You should check your EPC,

It takes a few minutes to find out if you qualify

To determine if you are eligible for any energy-efficiency upgrades for your house. Visit our online eligibility checker and apply for an Eco grant.

If you qualify, our energy provider will contact you within ten business days to set up an evaluation of your house and request further details. Fill out the form.

You can either:
• Phone: +44 161 706 1605- Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm, complete a contact form (someone will phone you back)

What Free Insulations you can Get in UK?

These are the main insulation improvements that could be offered to you.

While several different types of insulation are available under the scheme, for most homes, loft or cavity wall insulation will be the key measures available. According to the Government, these are “two of the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures to install to reduce energy bills”.
1. Cavity Wall Insulation: There is often a space between the outside and interior walls of houses constructed between 1920 and 1990. Warm air stays inside, and cold air is kept out of the space when insulating material is filled in, although this solution isn’t ideal for everyone.
2. Loft Insulation: You may reduce the heat that escapes through your roof by up to 25% by placing mineral wool under the rafters.

You could be eligible for a free boiler replacement and save money

Households can receive free insulation for their loft, roof, cavity walls, and other areas under the initiatives. Through the ECO scheme, low-income homes can receive new heating controls and boilers. However, the majority will only be eligible for one free energy-saving measure.


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