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Non – Condensing Boiler Replacement Grant UK- Upgrade Your Boiler Free

If your home still relies on a non condensing gas boiler. With a free non condensing boiler replacement grant, you can replace your old boiler. The latest UK Government ECO4 Grant scheme has given free boilers around Scotland, Wales, and the UK. That’s excellent news for lower-income households, helping them reduce energy bills. You might qualify for a fully funded new boiler in Dundee, and it won’t cost you a single pound. 

Using ECO4 grants offered by the UK Govt, the Free boiler scheme assists you in replacing your outdated non-condensing gas boiler installation with a free new boiler installation warranty in Scotland. The UK government is offering old boiler replacement grants to replace inefficient heating systems such as non-condensing boilers. 

All UK residents with a boiler older than 2005 and receiving government benefits can apply for the free boiler replacement grant under the ECO4 scheme. Boiler application forms must be submitted online only through our website with an additional TrustMark insurance-backed guarantee.

Why Upgrade To A Condensing Boiler?

In a non-condensing boiler, hot gases from the hob flow through a single heat-exchanging chamber, exchanging heat with water before being released via the flue. This boiler is somewhat heavier and goes by classic or conventional boiler. The installation of non-condensing boilers is prohibited in the UK according to a set of condensing boiler laws implemented by the government in 2005.

Recovering heat that would otherwise be lost during combustion is how a condensing boiler operates. Therefore, this type of boiler is considered more efficient and helps lower your energy bills and carbon emissions.

Types of Boilers Explained: What Type Of Boiler Are You Using? 

Which boiler do you own? Let’s discuss combi boilers, system boilers, and traditional boilers. Each boiler type has advantages and limitations; your current heating and hot water requirements will determine which one is ideal.

If it’s time for a new boiler, consider continuing with your current heating system or switching to a different type of boiler in the UK.

  • Combi Boilers

A combi boiler heats water directly from the cold mains through an inbuilt heat exchanger. This implies it can give instant hot water to your home. Because combi boilers do not require a separate water tank, they occupy less space than the other two boiler types.

  • System Heater Boilers

A system boiler combines a boiler and a separate hot water cylinder to supply heating and hot water for your home. System boilers do not have a cold water tank, and many of the individual components in a typical (conventional) boiler are built into a system boiler.

System boilers are sometimes known as closed-vent or system-sealed boilers.

  • Traditional or Conventional Boilers

A typical or conventional boiler, like a combi boiler, features a heat exchanger that heats the water before pumping it to a water storage tank. When you turn on the radiators, the hot water runs through them and into your tap. The cold water tank, usually in the loft or attic, provides cold water to your home. It fills the boiler using gravity.

Who Qualifies For A New Boiler Grant? Check Your Eligibility

To be eligible for a free boiler Wales and central heating grant for Scotland Homes, you must be receiving one of the following benefits: 

Receive income-related benefits like child tax credits, universal credit, working tax credits, pension credits, income-related ESA, or income-related JSA. You may be eligible for free home energy improvements in Cardiff and Newport.

Check Your Eligibility For Gov Boiler Grants

To qualify for a free boiler grant from ECO4, make sure you match the following criteria:

  1. You must be a homeowner. 
  2. Your current boiler should be at least fifteen years old.
  3. Your home must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D or lower.
  4. Your home must be connected to the gas mains supply. The ECO4 scheme does not include the installation of LPG, biomass, or oil boilers.

Additionally, eligible homeowners can apply for the New Boiler Grant 2024 for free. If any member of your family lives permanently and receives any of the following income-related benefits:

  1. Disability Benefits
  2. Working
  3. Tax Credits
  4. Pension Credits
  5. Income Related JSA
  6. Universal Credit

How To Apply For UK Government Boiler Scheme?

At Free Boiler Scheme, we make the process simple and hassle-free:

  • Use the eligibility checker to see whether you qualify.
  • We will reach out to you to schedule a free survey.
  • A free survey will be conducted.
  • We will complete the customized installation when the grant is accepted.
  • Get an A-rated, energy-efficient boiler for free!

Why Choose Us For Free Boiler Grant Installation?

Reliable: We have accreditation and approval from reputable organizations like British Gas, Trust Mark, and ECMK.

Eligibility test: Use our quick and straightforward eligibility test to determine if you qualify without worrying.

Fast Installation: We guarantee a seamless procedure, and our professionals will install the boiler as soon as we accept your grant!

Energy Efficient: You may save up to 40% on energy expenses when you work with us to create a highly efficient system!

Eco-friendly: We work hard to provide eco-friendly solutions so your family and the earth can have a brighter future!

Save On Energy Bills: Get Your Free Condensing Boiler Grant Today!

Please Apply for a free survey to join the thousands of homes we have previously assisted. Upgrade to a more energy-efficient system and get boiler replacements, new boilers, and more. You can apply for a boiler replacement grant in 60 Seconds through the ECO4 scheme, which provides government-funded grants to approximately 60,000 households.

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