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Maximizing Your Property Value by Govt Grants for Homeowners

You can have a warm house every month without breaking the bank. Even if you’re having financial trouble, at Free Boiler Scheme, we can help you make this a reality. The UK govt grants for homeowners offers various grants and benefits to help homeowners. Build better homes for energy efficiency, accessibility, or overall improvement.

While some schemes offer free insulation and central heating grants, others provide interest-free loans. Allowing you to do all the eco-friendly home upgrades you’ve long wanted.

In this blog, no matter your circumstances or wherever you live in Dorset, England, UK. We’ll walk you through all the government eco grants for your household.

Types of Government Grants available in England, UK

Energy Company Obligation (ECO4)

A government-backed program called the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme requires that energy providers assist UK homes in increasing their energy efficiency. You could be eligible for a govt grants for homeowners like free boilers, heating, and insulation grants. Under the program to help you pay for energy-saving improvements. The Eco4 Grants UK can be accessible to homeowners, landlords, and private tenants.

How to apply for the ECO4 Scheme?

You should contact our energy provider to apply for the ECO program. If you’re qualified, they’ll ask you a few questions to find out. If so, they’ll set up an energy assessment of your house. Our energy provider will give you an estimate for the work once the evaluation identifies any energy-saving solutions that you could profit from.

At Free Boiler Scheme, our energy provider will arrange for a certified contractor to complete the repair if you want to move forward. You won’t need to pay anything in advance because the grant will be paid directly to the contractor.

Free cavity wall insulation

Free cavity wall insulations cover the space between your home’s exterior walls with insulating material and are offered through ECO4 government energy incentives. It lowers energy costs, reduces the need for heating or cooling, and keeps homes warmer.

Grant for loft insulation

By insulating your loft, you can lower energy costs and heat loss. In addition to a warmer, cost-effective house, a well-insulated loft may also provide more storage. Find out more about the loft insulation grant on our website.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Homeowners will have the opportunity to receive a £7,500 discount on a new air or ground source heat pump. All they need to do is get in touch with us who will take care of everything.

You meet the criteria if

  1. You run a small business or are a homeowner.
  2. Your building has received an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in the past ten years.
  3. There are no loft or cavity wall insulation recommendations in your EPC.
  4. Your EPC recommends insulating your loft or cavity walls, but you do so in between applying for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme and having a heat pump fitted.

Other Govt Grants that benefit the public

In the UK, there are a variety of insulation grants available, in addition to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme and the Government ECO Scheme. The following are a few of the preferred choices:

     1. Free Grants for Disable people

Government energy incentives are available for people with disabilities who want to make their houses more energy-efficient. These Government grants for homeowners support the implementation of energy-saving improvements, ensuring that everyone has access to a functional, pleasant home.

     2. Boiler Replacement Grant

The Boiler Replacement Scheme may be available to you if you have a boiler. That is at least 15 years old, burns gas, LPG, or oil, and your annual income is less than £40,000.

With the help of replacement boiler grants, you may switch out your outdated boiler with a brand-new, effective gas, oil, or wood pellet boiler.

      3. Free Grants For low-income households

Government energy grants provide low-income households with free grants to assist with energy bills. These awards ease the financial burden on households by covering all or part of the cost of energy-saving measures like energy-efficient appliances and home insulation.

We can fulfill the insulation and other heating measures upgrades if you’re on low income, so check if you’re eligible for the grant on our website.


If these Govt Grants for Homeowners and ECO Schemes in UK have motivated you to move even further toward eco-friendly energy efficiency. We suggest to contact us right now.

To check if you qualify for a variety of fully-funded energy efficiency grants, simply complete our short online application form. If you want to get our supported service, please make sure you are qualified by carefully reading our eligibility requirements.

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