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Apply for a free boiler replacement grant in the UK with ECO4

Great news for Scottish homeowners who want to update their heating system, replace their oil or gas boiler, or change their boiler can now qualify for free boiler replacement grants. Even better news is that Free Boiler Scheme has an office in Oldham, and ECO4 installers are accessible throughout UK. The government eco4 grant UK has introduced several schemes to help householders secure boiler replacement schemes for outdated boiler. Replacing them with more modern, energy-efficient models.

Therefore, let’s delve further and talk about the boiler replacement scheme Scotland in detail and the reasons why you should go for this. But let’s first discuss what back boiler replacement grants are.

What are Back boiler replacement grants?

Back boilers used to be a popular choice because they could be concealed behind a fireplace, with a gas or electric fire in front. The good news is that homeowners can get a 100% funded and free back boiler removal and replacement grant under the Government’s Energy Company Obligation grant.

Due to new regulations on minimum efficiency values, back boilers are no longer available and can be replaced with either a wall-mounted boiler. At Free Boiler Scheme, with Free boiler replacement grants in the UK, we cover the full cost of the removal of your old boiler with the free boiler installation. Sometimes, we replace old system boilers and outdated central heating systems with a new Combi boiler grants UK and modern system. Get Get a Free Boiler in 2024 – Here’s What You Need to Know Now, let’s talk about the schemes now.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme 2024

One such scheme is the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, which offers grants to help with some costs associated. With switching from fossil fuel heating systems to heat pumps or biomass boilers. Oil, gas, or electricity are examples of fossil fuel heating systems. Anyone in England or Wales may participate in this scheme. If you reside in Scotland, you could be eligible for a grant or an interest-free loan to upgrade the energy efficiency of your property.

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme

Another scheme is the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, launched in 2013 by the UK government. The scheme ensures that big energy suppliers help households reduce domestic carbon emissions while tackling fuel poverty. Energy companies must pay for installing energy-saving measures in homes where it’s most needed. Energy providers can offer a wide range of upgrades. Often, companies focus on installing cavity wall insulation and loft insulation to make homes more energy-efficient. Still. You can get support through a replacement grant for upgrading an old, inefficient boiler or heating system.

Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Back Boiler?

There are several reasons why you should consider replacing your back boiler. With a more modern and efficient new combi boiler

  1. Energy Efficiency: Back boilers are known for being inefficient and wasteful. Replacing your back boiler with a modern system can save you significant money on your energy bills.
  2. Environmental Impact: They release a large amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Which can contribute to climate change and other environmental problems. Replacing your back boiler with a more efficient and environmentally friendly system from the Free Boiler Scheme can help reduce your carbon footprint and protect the planet.
  3. Safety Concerns: Back boilers can be dangerous if properly maintained or used. They can pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be deadly. Replacing your back boiler with a modern system can help ensure your home is safe and secure.

We offer a hassle-free boiler replacement service that covers the big and small details. Only the greatest energy-efficient boilers that ensure clients will save money on their home heating expenses and are long-lasting are kept in stock at Free Boiler Scheme.

Apply for ECO4 boiler replacement grant 2024

Established by the UK Government, the ECO Boiler Scheme is a great option for pensioners in England and Wales struggling with their heating bills. As well as this scheme is available to all eligible applicants (who must be over 60). It also provides free boilers, which could help save on your energy costs. There’s no reason not to apply!

If you are eligible for this ECO4 Scheme, the best thing you can do is speak to our adviser. Pensioners looking for a free boiler can apply here on our website. Also see if you are eligible for a free boiler grant for pensioners in Scotland.

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