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At Free Boiler Scheme we offer various services designed to be affordable, budget-friendly, and completely 100% hassle-free.


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boiler replacement grants in devon

Free Boiler Replacement Grant

If your existing gas heating system is non- condensing, you may qualify for a grant for a free boiler replacement, with the added benefit of a boiler guarantee for complete peace of mind.
boiler replacement grants in cornwall

Free First Time Central Heating Grant

Homeowners in the UK may be eligible for a Free first -time central heating grant. This Scheme is accessible for installing central heating systems in homes that currently do not have or have never previously had it.

energy grants

Free Back Boiler Replacement Grant

Elevate your home’s heating efficiency by switching to a Free energy efficient boiler. Experience significant energy savings and enhanced warmth. Make the smart choice today for a cozier, budget-friendly household.

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Free Insulation Grants

Insulation is a great place to start if you want to lower your energy cost. Additionally, if you meet the requirements, you may be eligible to get free heating insulation grants through the Free-Boiler Scheme.

Easy Application Process
first-time central heating grant in england


Just fill out the eligibility from and our expert team will manage everything afterwards

boiler grant in wales


Absolutely free from the UK Government under the Free Boiler Scheme.

first-time central heating grant in wales


Reduce energy bills, burn less fuels and protect the environment .

Nationwide Scheme

Switching to a central heating system offers benefits beyond reduced energy consumption. Compared to electric heaters, a central heating system facilitates consistent temperature maintenance throughout your home. Additionally, a modern central heating system can enhance your home’s value and improve its marketability. Most central heating systems are compatible with smart thermostats, enabling you to regulate your home’s temperature remotely..
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