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New Boiler Grant 2024 – Boiler Funding Available – Apply Now

We’re excited to share some good news with you today. If you are searching for a free new A-rated boiler, look no further. Our UK team at Free Boiler Scheme is committed to ensuring you get a fully funded boiler grant. Since the ECO grant began in 2013, we have helped thousands of individuals in Scotland, England, and Wales. For instance, you are also eligible for other energy measurements, such as free insulation.

You may already qualify for an eco grant if you have a non-condensing boiler installed before April 2005 and receive one of the qualifying benefits. Check out our website to see whether you are eligible for New Boiler Scheme Wales.

So, Who Qualifies For ECO4 Government Funding Grant Scheme 2024?

Boiler grants are now offered as part of a government-backed scheme. Eco Energy Grants are available to assist homeowners with repairing broken or inefficient boilers. Boiler funds under the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme are sufficient to pay for all necessary work. This is how the Scheme provides free boiler grants in the UK.

The following sections will examine these ECO4 boiler grants in further detail. This will cover the purpose of the Free boiler, how the ECO4 grant Scheme works, and who is eligible to receive a grant. We will also examine the types of boilers and some recently installed new boilers in Dundee.

To find out if you qualify, continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the boiler grants for homeowners, Landlords, and Tenants.

A Free Boiler Grant: What Is It?

A step towards a cleaner planet, the Free Boiler Grant under the ECO4 Government Funding Grant Scheme lowers carbon emissions and boosts the effectiveness of heating appliances like boilers. Above all, many low-income households are even more miserable due to growing energy costs. However, because boiler systems are more efficient, energy expenses can be lowered by up to 90% with Boiler Grant ECO4 government funding. Households will benefit for a long time from the free boiler grant provided by the ECO4 Government Scheme UK.

What Does the Boiler Grant Involve?

  1. Top Brand ‘A’ Rated Radiators & Boilers

You may install various top boiler and radiator brands with the central heating grant.

  1. Magnetic Filters

Your new boiler will last longer if you do this to maintain clean water and avoid clogs.

  1. Fittings and pipes

All pipes and fittings are installed as well, and protective chemicals are put into the system to protect your boiler even further. Submit Your Eco Funding Application Now!

In the UK, how can I Claim my Free Boiler?

Under the ECO4 Government Funding Grant Scheme 2024, some of the qualifying benefits include:

  • Your present boiler must be at least fifteen years old, and you must be a homeowner or a private renter.
  • You must be eligible for certain benefits, such as Universal Credit, Child Tax Credit, or Pension Credit.
  • Your house’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating must be D or below.

You Can Also Get a grant for a new boiler in Wales If you or someone in your household must be receiving one of the following benefits: Income Jobseekers Allowance (JSA), Income Related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA), Income Support (IS)

Is it worth applying for a grant for a free boiler?

Applying for a boiler grant under the ECO Scheme is essential for two reasons. You will be responsible for the entire expense in the near term if your present boiler breaks and has to be replaced. You will avoid paying for a boiler altogether by utilizing the incentive. According to the Energy Saving Trust, home heating accounts for 55% of energy expenses; therefore, having a functioning system is crucial. Long-term savings of up to £315 off your yearly fuel cost are possible if you install an A-rated boiler in your house, which is more energy-efficient.

Check Your Eligibility- Apply Now

Grants for gas boilers are offered in Wales, Scotland and England. There isn’t a better spot to apply than a New Boiler Grant if you’re searching for a new grant boiler. It’s easy to apply for the ECO grant in the UK. Fill out our short and straightforward eligibility form with your postcode, and we’ll walk you through the remaining steps. To access the form right now, click here.

Please call the Free Boiler Scheme at (+44 161 706 1605) if you have any questions about the requirements for the Government ECO4 Funding Grant Scheme or about who is eligible for a new boiler grant in 2024.

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