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How Can You Get A Free Boiler Grant? Check Your Eligibility in 60 Seconds

A new boiler is normally priced between £600 and £2,500, depending on the brand and system type. However, you may be able to save money by getting a grant to cover the cost of boiler installation and can be eligible for a free boiler grant.

As part of the Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO) and boiler upgrade scheme, qualified homeowners can get funds for new boiler installations. Not only will this save you money, but it will also benefit the environment. So, claim funds for energy-saving upgrades in the UK with the help of the Free Boiler Scheme. Our ECO4 experts help households all over the UK save money on their energy bills.  Fill out our boiler form today to see if you are eligible for the FREE home energy efficiency upgrade!

Who Qualifies For An ECO4 Free Boiler Grant in 2024?

The UK government provides the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) program, which aims to reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions by sponsoring schemes such as free boiler grants.

To qualify for an  ECO4 Boiler Grant in Devon, Cornwall, and Dorset, applicants must meet a number of criteria

  • The existing boiler should be at least fifteen years old.
  • Homeowners: As long as the property is your primary dwelling and not detached (exception: bungalows in some situations).
  • Private tenants: If you have a private landlord and a qualifying tenancy arrangement, you may be eligible. Remember, the final decision is up to your landlord. The property’s owner must be the one requesting the grant.
  • Social housing renters are eligible if they meet the other requirements. This creates opportunities for many people experiencing fuel poverty in these types of housing.
  • The property is connected to  main gas supply. Other fuel sources for boilers, such as LPG gas, biomass, and oil, are excluded.
  • The applicant must obtain at least one of the government’s benefits.

For individuals who meet the eligibility requirements, the application process for a free boiler grant under the ECO4 grant scheme is simple. It usually involves filling out an online application form or contacting our approved ECO installer directly.

Keep in mind that the free boiler grant scheme is intended for people who are truly in need of financial assistance to improve the energy efficiency of their houses. If you qualify, your current boiler needs to be more efficient, old, or defective. You may be eligible for a free non-condensing boiler replacement grant in the UK.

Do Single Parents Eligible For Free Boilers?

Single parents who meet the specified conditions may be eligible for a free boiler grant. Eligibility is determined by more than just household structure; income and property facts are also taken into account. Single parents with financial difficulties may benefit from this program, which ensures a warm and comfortable home for their family.

When a single parent receives the Child Benefit, their annual income is taken into account. Depending on the number of children, the income should range between £19,900 and £34,500. 

Here are the requirements for your property to be eligible for a free boiler.

  • Boiler age: Your current boiler should be non-condensing, inefficient (G-rated), and at least fifteen years old.
  • Energy performance certificate (EPC): Your home’s EPC rating must be D, E, F, or G. You can identify an existing one, obtain a new energy performance certificate on your own, or seek assistance from the Department of Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities.
  • Building modification: Your property must only have extensions completed on April 1, 2022.
  • Income: If you get Child Benefit, the maximum amount your household can earn in a given fiscal year should be between £19,900-£34,500 for a single parent and £27,500-£42,000 for a pair. 
  • Benefits: The property’s owner must receive one or more of the qualified benefits.

How Can I Apply For A New Boiler?

If you qualify for the free Government boiler grant scheme, fill out our eligibility form in under 60 seconds or call us at +01 617 060 433.

First, determine whether you are eligible for the grant by clicking here. Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, find our certified installer to complete the installation.

Next, you must complete the form. The form requires you to provide information about your current boiler and heating system and your household income and benefits. After you submit your application, our experienced staff will review it to determine if you meet the grant criteria.


At Free Boiler Scheme, we assist eligible individuals who need a boiler replacement grant in Swansea and Newport under government-backed schemes. Contact us to find out if you could qualify for a free boiler grant in the UK. 

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