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Claim First Time Free Central Heating Grant In 2024

If you’ve never had central heating in your new home, now is the chance get your First Time Free Central Heating Grant 2024 under the ECO4 Scheme. Our team of professionals at Free Boiler Scheme, with years of experience, specializes in offering energy-efficient home solutions. We are pleased to provide qualifying customers with the opportunity to experience the benefits of First Time Central Heating (FTCH).

Central Heating Grant- What Is It?

Central heating not only keeps your home warm and comfortable, but it also helps you save money on your energy costs and minimize your carbon impact. The ECO4 Grant allows qualified UK households to obtain free central heating in their homes. This central heating grant in the UK is part of the government’s initiative to make energy-efficient modifications more affordable for homes whose energy performance is low.

In 2024, every home should have affordable central heating. We understand that each home is unique and has varied heating requirements. That is why our staff will work directly with you to obtain the central heating installation grant that meets your individual needs, using only high-quality, energy-saving measures to ensure that your new central heating system provides maximum performance and savings.

Do I Qualify For FTCH Under the ECO4 Funding?

If you live in the United Kingdom, you may be familiar with the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) initiative, which aims to cut carbon emissions and address fuel poverty. As part of this initiative, the government has implemented the Fourth Phase of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4), which provides funds for energy-efficient house upgrades. One of the primary measures under the ECO4 grant is the Fuel Poverty and Carbon Saving Target, which aims to assist households in need of energy efficiency upgrades. This aim is open to both homeowners and private tenants, and it can cover a variety of energy-saving solutions like free insulation grants and heating upgrades in the UK.

To qualify for this grant, you must meet specific requirements, which is where the Free Boiler Scheme comes in. As a reputable provider of energy-efficient solutions, we can assist you in determining your eligibility for FTCH and guide you through the application procedure.

What Is A Central Heating Scheme Cover?

The FTCH scheme will cover the costs of:

  • Providing and installing a new central heating boiler.
  • Radiators
  • Plumbing and central heating control systems.

Our FTCH installation is quick, easy, and hassle-free. Our highly qualified and courteous specialists will install your central heating system with no impact on your everyday routine.

With the Free Boiler Scheme and the ECO4 Grant, you can experience the benefits of central heating for the first time in your house. Say goodbye to cold nights and hello to a warm, comfortable home. Contact us today to learn more about Boiler Services UK and how we can assist you in moving to central heating.

How Does The Central Heating Work?

A central heating system comprises pipework and radiators that are linked to a boiler. The boiler generates heat, and the pump circulates warm water from the boiler through the piping to the radiators and back to the boiler for reheating. It also distributes hot water to your home’s hot taps.

Check Your Eligibility For First Time Central Heating Grant 2024

To qualify for the First Time Central Heating Grant, applicants must meet specific criteria. These criteria ensure the grant reaches those who need it the most:

  • Income Threshold: Households must fall below a certain income threshold.
  • No Existing Central Heating: Applicants must not have an existing central heating system.
  • Ownership Status: The property must be owned or privately rented.
  • Government Benefits: Priority is given to households receiving certain government benefits, such as Universal Credit or Housing Benefit.

For more detailed information on eligibility, visit our eligibility criteria page.

Top Benefits of Applying For Central Heating Grant

  • Improved Health and Well-Being

Heating in winter promotes healthy health. The first-time central heating grant 2024 provides even heating throughout your home. A warmer and healthier living environment reduces the incidence of cold-related illnesses while improving general well-being.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency

Most central heating systems, particularly newer ones, are designed to consume less energy than other heating methods. Governments encourage people to use less energy and lower the carbon footprint associated with heating their homes by providing grants to households that install central heating. This is also consistent with larger environmental efforts to slow climate change.

  • Enhanced Home Value

Investing in an energy-efficient boiler can also boost the value of your home. A property with newer, more energy-efficient equipment appeals to potential buyers. It also may even help you achieve a better selling price. Furthermore, having a new boiler 2024 installed can increase the efficiency of your heating system.


To summarize, applying for first time central heating  grants is an excellent investment in the comfort of your house and family. There are numerous benefits to upgrading to a modern, energy-efficient boiler. Including lower energy bills and higher energy efficiency, as well as increased property value and a lower carbon footprint. Furthermore, with free boiler grants available to qualified applicants, there has never been a better moment to make the move. 

So, take advantage of this chance and begin reaping the benefits of a more efficient heating system immediately!

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